Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Clean Studio is a Happy Studio

Good Morning Prepsters!

I am still working on those New Years Resolutions!

I have been on Weight Watchers for 2 weeks now and am down 5 pounds!  Only 10 or 15 pounds to go.  I could probably get there faster if I worked out more often, but I guess that gives me something to work on!  I did purchase the new Your Shape Fitness game for my Kinect, because I was told it kicks your butt!  I'll let you know!

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One of my other Resolutions was to get organized.  I am happy to say that I am on my way to a more organized life!  I worked for HOURS this weekend organizing my studio/office.  After a very busy holiday season at The Preppy Ladybug, my space was a disaster!  I am too embarrassed to post before pictures, but I am so proud of my after pictures!  Take a look at my "new" space:

My closet is the best!  My husband installed shelving units and removed the doors for easy access. I can store all of my supplies and easily grab what I need!  I made the bulletin board on the right side of the closet.  I bought a poster frame from Walmart, painted the frame white, and glued corkboard to the cardboard on the back!  It was really easy and it looks great in my room!  Below that is my beloved study board from college.  I can take projects to the living room and have a flat surface to work on while we watch TV.

My desk is from Ikea - I bought the top and the legs separately to customize my work space.  I love my dual monitors.  They work with my MacMini or my MacBook so I can see what I am doing!  To the right of my desk is a white board where I can keep track of all of my orders.  If you look closely, you can see the Lilly shift dress magnets!

My printers sit just to the left of my desk so I can easily access them while I'm working on the computer.  The table also provides additional work space when I'm not at my desk.

On the left side of the room are my bookshelves.  There is so much storage in this room - it's amazing!  I use this countertop for my cutting board and shipping "department."  I love having Audrey on my wall for inspiration!

Since I blogged about it, that is 3 resolutions I am keeping in one blog post!  I am also working on a ton of projects behind the scenes that I can't wait to share with you!  I mentioned some of these in my New Year Resolution blog post, so get ready to start seeing some of these ideas come to life in the next week or so!

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